Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joy Goes Outside

The weather here has been really hot and humid, so we've been staying indoors - a lot!  Joy noticed that a lot of the dolls here have photos on the blog that were taken outdoors, and she wanted to do that, too!

She wanted her photo taken with Maryland's State Flower, the Black Eyed Susan's.  She is glad to be home, after traveling from Germany, to California and then to Maryland!  She is still a little jet-lagged.

Joy and MD's State Flower

Then she discovered that there are sedum in the yard with her name, Autumn Joy - well, at least part of their name is hers.  So she wanted to take her photo there, too.

Joy in front of the Autumn Joy

But Joy was getting a bit bored with looking at flowers and asked if she could climb a tree in the yard.  She isn't tall enough to reach the  lowest branches of the tree, so Jen told her she would help her SIT in the tree, if she promised to hold on and sit VERY STILL.

Are you sure this is safe?

It did seem a little high to Joy, so she was glad to get down when the picture was taken.  The humidity was starting to make us sticky, and the bugs were beginning to bite (they like to come out in the evening, too, I guess), so we decided to come back indoors.


Anonymous said...

She is a sweetie! I love the photo of Joy sitting in the tree.

Bama said...

I can tell you are enjoying Joy! So sweet!

Miranda Ixie said...

She's so cute! It looks like she really enjoyed being outside. Adorable!