Friday, July 6, 2012

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Heather and Amelia would try on their new back-to-school clothes on a 100 degree day for a photo session. They changed back into their play clothes as soon as this photo shoot was done!  They have a greater appreciation for air conditioning these days!

Heather in new Journey Girls outfit

Heather Up Close

Amelia in new Journey Girls Outfit

Amelia up close

Their new clothes are from Toys R Us Journey Girls - we'd hoped to find some things from their summer line, but only one dress was left:

Alice in Party Dress

We need to visit some other TRU stores!!!


Miranda Ixie said...

So cute! They look adorable, even if they're not dressed for this season. They're going to be very happy for those clothes when Autumn gets here. And good to know that the Journey Girls clothes fit! Bummer about finding only the one dress, but it is a super cute one.

I hope the girls enjoyed their Klondike Bars after the photoshoot. :)

Anonymous said...

They look adorable in the new school clothes. I bet they can't wait until the summer is over so they can wear them for real.

Ani said...

Your K&C's dolls are so cute, I love my Galina but she needs a friend! Did you know that Sonja Hartmann has a summer photo contest running for the K&C's dolls? Here is the link to the website:
The contest info is under the 'What's New' link. 1st place is a doll and 2nd/3rd is an outfit.

Best, Ani in NC