Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Trip to the Beach by Gwynith Linette

On July 14th, I got to ride with my family from Maryland to Caswell Beach on Oak Island in North Carolina. We rented a 2nd floor condo unit for the week.  The second floor was really more like 4th story, because it was on a hill (steps up the hill), and the "first floor" entrance was up a flight of steps, too!  We got a lot of exercise carrying all our stuff inside!  But the view from the balcony was awesome!  We could see the beach and the Atlantic Ocean from our balcony!

Our view of the Atlantic

My friends and I enjoyed hanging out on the balcony, listening to the ocean and feeling the moist wind from off the water!

Ocean breezes and island view

Here's a photo of me, with my friends, Lisa and Hitty Rachel.

Hanging out with some friends

We liked to take walks on the beach in the late afternoon and evening, when the sun wasn't so hot.

Caswell Beach, NC

Even with a pony tail, it was hard to keep the wind from blowing your hair in your face!

Gwynith at the beach

We meet a couple little girls who had built a sand castle, and they let me get my picture taken with it!  They said they have an American Girl at home, too!  Isn't that neat?

Found a Sand Castle

I couldn't wait to tell Kanani and Lanie about how the locals here try to help the sea turtles! On a few other nights, we got to see how they set up a path for the baby turtles to get to the ocean, but we didn't have our camera with us then.  This beach doesn't allow lights after dark, because the turtles like it to be very dark when they make the journey from their nest to the sea.

Protecting the Sea Turtle Nests

Here I am on the boardwalk that goes over the sand dunes between the road and the beach.

Gwynith crossing the dunes

Stay tuned for another post about some other things I saw while I was on vacation!

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Serenata said...

A lovely beach to spend some time on and so wonderful that they protect the babies on their trip to the ocean.